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Dismantling Process


Each week we receive several new vehicles of various makes and models from many different sources. Those vehicles will be inventoried and dismantled then added to the home page. This is a good way to get a real time idea of what we are buying without having to pick up the phone.

Each vehicle goes through an initial assessment before it enters our shop. The VIN number is entered into the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) and it is scanned for any open recalls the vehicle may have. If a part comes back recalled it is immediately removed and disposed of in accordance with NTMVSA (National Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act).

All damaged parts are removed from the vehicle, separated by material type and recycled.

  • All engines are run to operating temperature and compression tested.
  • Transmissions are all road-tested or hoist tested depending on vehicle damage.
  • All alternators, starters, air conditioner compressors, cooling fans, fuel pumps, wiper motors, window regulators, electric mirrors, etc. Are all tested on vehicle and bench-tested at the time of sale.

After major vehicle components are tested the vehicle then enters the dismantling bay.

  • Wheels are all removed from the vehicle and spun on the wheel balancer.
  • All suspension and drivetrain components/parts are inspected for excessive/unusual wear.
  • Oils And Other Fluids Are Then Drained And Stored For Proper Disposal; Freon Is — Recovered & Recycled Along With Mercury Switches.

All parts are then cleaned in our environmentally friendly parts cleaner. They then undergo a final inspection before being inventoried and stored awaiting sale.

We are committed to customer service & quality, clean, tested parts aiding in the recycling efforts for future generations.

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