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New Arrivals

We receive new arrivals weekly.

How the process works:

  • Each vehicle is put through an extensive and thorough inventory
  • Each goes through a quality control process
  • Arrivals are then dismantled, and each piece tested
  • Once testing is done, each piece is put into stock in our store

Our inventory is then placed on our site and listed by the following criteria:

  • Year – right now, we have 1955 up to 2020
  • Make – many makes from Alpha Romero to Volvo
  • Model – once you click on the make, you will see all the models we have available at that time
  • Part – When you click on a car, it will allow you to search by year, make, model to show you a complete list of parts we have for that choice. For example, a 1955 Ford Fairlaine may have air and fuel or engine accessories; if you click air and fuel, it will list parts such as fuel pump.

Dismantling process

The dismantling process begins after the arrival has gone through the extensive and thorough inventory.

Next, all damaged parts are removed and separated by material type for recycling.

Engines are run to operating temperature and given a compression test.

We also test all transmissions.

All other parts are tested on the vehicle and then bench-tested at the time of sale.

Wheels are removed and spun balanced.

Suspension and drivetrain components parts are tested for unusual wear.

All fluids are drained and store for proper disposal and or recycling.

Before parts go into inventory for sale, the last step is that they are cleaned in an environmentally friendly part cleaner and then go through a final inspection to enter the list for sales.

We are committed to customer service & quality, clean, tested parts aiding in the recycling efforts for future generations.